The QSight® 210 MD Screening system is designed for routine high throughput quantitation. With easy to use instrument control software, the ability to automatically download sample and control information, a mass spectrometer designed to reduce maintenance and repair and data analysis software designed to make it quick and easy to review results, the QSight® 210 MD Screening system makes it easy to run thousand samples per day.

What makes the QSight® 210 MD Screening system so exceptional?

A simple three step process to set up and run a method
Ability to download worklists, internal standard & calibration information directly into the software to eliminate transcription errors
Remote instrument diagnostics software to quickly identify problems before they occur
Unique StayClean™ source design to eliminate daily maintenance
Unique Laminar Flow Ion Guide™ to reduce the need for re-tuning
Easy-to-use, visual based database software to simplify data review and analysis
Unique Unifield Detector™ design to detect more analytes within a run
A modular mass spectrometer design to simplify maintenance and repair


Download the brochure for more in-depth information on the QSight® 210 MD Screening System.

QSight® 210 MD Screening System brochure QSight® 210 MD Screening System

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